About Us

Vanguard is Ohio’s ONLY volleyball club designed exclusively for the male volleyball player. It is our firm belief that, though girls and boys volleyball are the same sport, they are not the same game.
With this in mind we have assembled some of the most successful boys volleyball coaches and instructors in our area. Our goal is simple: improve the level of boys volleyball in Ohio.

Our Mission

Vanguard: The forefront of an activity or movement.
Using constant determination, unwavering commitment, and a relentless desire for success, it is the mission of VANGUARD Volleyball Club to be on the forefront in raising the standard of Boys Volleyball in Central Ohio.
This will be accomplished daily through:

  • Providing an atmosphere of respect, sportsmanship & class
  • Creating a championship mentality in all club members
  • Progressive and diverse volleyball instruction
  • Maintaining a high level of expectation toward the realization of our goals


Wes Almond

Club Administrative Director

Bryan Webb

Program Director, Director of Coach Development, Team Coach

Justin Tuttle

Club Admin


Mailing Address: Vanguard Volleyball Club


Cornerstone Athletic Center

Practice Locaiton

535 Lakeview Plaza Blvd, Worthington, Ohio, US